Sunday, 26 October 2014

Shopping Experience- Libertys!

Sunday 26th Oct.

Shopping, is a word that many girls associate a combination of positive vibes, along with one negative phrase, 'the bank is now empty.'

No matter how much money I spend I have got into a habit of working out a brilliant excuse for spending any disposable income. For example, 'it's okay because i only spent £30 in Tesco this week rather than £45' therefore the difference has helped contribute towards my new purchase.

Some how i think these positive, sometimes miss leading, excuses are a result of guilt of spending money i should probably be saving. But saying that everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while ( or once every two days ;) )! xxxxxxx

Saying that 'I love shopping' is a fair point however it's not as easy as walking out the front door and finding everything i could have dreamed of. I have to physically and mentally prepare by agreeing with the following 3 points before venturing to the shops:

1- be in the mood for shopping

2- have lots of energy - walking to shop after shop can be tiring 
3- feel as if i have worked for the shopping trip and deserve to treat myself

I have always seen shopping, purchasing clothes and products as a treat, although the older I have become the more treats I have been able to buy, due to earning more money.

I now live 10 minutes from Oxford Street by tube, which is beyond tempting. My first visit to Oxford Street was incredible, it's sad to say that i haven't felt that much excitement in a good few months! You girls will understand, that when seeing your favourite 20/30 shops all within 10m of each other is extremely exciting! 

Liberty's was the best and favourite shopping 'experience' so far. The luxury department store is always talked about because of its uniqueness and reputation of their luxury products.

My goodness did we have fun! Window shopping in normal high street branded shops is something that sometimes bores me, every window is the same. However luxury window shopping, especially at Liberty's is always a treat. 

The majority of the prices are incredibly expensive and some will take your breathe away - i think this is why i find luxury window shopping much more fun, because i know i can't afford most of the products, but a girl can dream!

After seeing many beautiful, astonishing scarfs, jewellery, cosmetics and handbags at Liberty's, it's safe to say i will be day dreaming for weeks to come, if not months.

If you are visiting Central London, male or female, shopaholic or not, a visit to Liberty's is a must. Prepare for excitement and maybe a big hit to your bank account!

Remember dreaming is healthy and everyone deserves to dream in life.

Happy dreaming, 



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