Sunday, 9 November 2014

T'is the Season to be jolly!

Two breakfast events,  300 Christmas invites sent, drinks out and a visit to Oxford St Christmas Lights - what a busy but exciting week it has been!

I organised a flat night out to Oxford St Christmas Lights, however I had second thoughts when I realised how busy and manic it would be- not sure about you but crowds of people really do make me feel uncomfortable!

Anyway off I went, I finished work early and jumped on the tube. When i arrived at Oxford Circus station I could not believe my eyes, it wasn't busy at all! After all that worrying the excitement soon kicked in! 

After joining my friends in the queue for about 10 minutes we were then herded like sheep into the main central arena. For those of you who know Oxford St the arena was located right outside John Lewis. 

Before Cheryl Cole kick started the festive excitement and pushed the button to turn all the lights on, Jess Glynne, Neon Jungle, Charlie and Chocolate Factory and Rixton amazed us with their singing talent, I must say Jess Gylnne was by far my favourite.

It was pretty impressive how this huge blanket of light lit up the whole of Oxford St, which is a mighty mile and a half long! ( The longest high street in Europe! ) As you can imagine everyones first words involved the word 'beautiful', the pictures do not do it justice at all.

I am sure half the nation, if not more, know of the famous Monty the Penguin who has been all over our televisions this week. John Lewis added to the Christmas spirt by playing their festive advert on the large screens, which of course brought a tear to my eye and pulled on my heart strings. Afterwards they dropped the curtains on their window displays, i cannot describe how awesome and brilliant they are.I hugely recommend if you can walk pass John Lewis and admire their imaginative windows to do so. It may not sound that exciting but trust me your festive sprit will increase ten folds.

I'm so so glad I decide to go, it honestly started the festive period of with a big bang and lots of sparkle!

Hopefully i will also make it to Regent Street lights next Sunday too!

What Christmas Lights do you plan to see this Year?


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