Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Contour Kit

There's something oh so very sleek about this product! After a rapid increase of Boots points I finally gave in and decided it was time to spend them!

I wanted to buy a product that I haven't used before so I picked up my first Contour Pallet from Boots at an affordable price £6.49! 

The Sleek Make Up, Face Contour Pallet is incredible, I have only played around with it so far and I can't believe the difference it makes! Once i perfect it i can not wait to see the end result. Hopefully i will now have the killer jawline i have always wanted!

As a first time user it's very simple to use, it also comes with some brief instructions which where extremely helpful!
You simply highlight your features ( mainly your nose and cheek line) with the highlighter

and then use the contour colour to create the contrast! I must admit I discovered how important it is to keep blending the two so it gives you a natural look and to apply little and often until you get the coverage and look you want. 

I can strongly recommend this contour kit, i finally understand what all the latest rage is!! 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Say No to Knots

I have always experienced uber knotty hair, especially after a shower ( as you can see in the pictures below). For several years i have been having my hair highlighted and all the knottiness, after getting my hair wet, made me wonder if i should stop the highlighting, however now i don't need to worry!

I religiously use Aussie Miracle Recharge,  a lightweight conditioning spray, after every hair wash. I tend to use about 5-7 sprays which may seem quite a lot but it sure does the trick! It instantly allows my hair brush to pull through my hair so softly. It also acts as a great heat protecting, lightweight product and doesn't make my hair greasy, hence why I am not shy to use a lot at once!

My second product I use two- three times a week is my Organic Argan Oil from the Argania Spinosa range. It is one of those products I picked up from TK Max over a year ago and I am constantly trying to find it again. It's brilliant, I tend to run it through the ends of my hair and occasionally my roots. it leaves a light silky feeling and always makes my hair so much more manageable on those rushed Monday mornings!

I have been using my Tangle Teaser for over a year now and i will never return back to a normal hair brush. It simply does what it says in the name, teasing the tangles out in one stroke without ripping through the hair! It is so lovely to hold and allows you to apply pressure to get through the knots!

After using these two products along with my Tangle Teaser i am left with the softest knot free hair ever! :)

I will definitely be sticking with this hair routine every day to keep my blonde locks conditioned and knot free!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Splash of Colour

As some of you may know living in student accommodation can sometimes be quite bare and cold! Of course, those boring rules apply, no blue tac is allowed and no nails are to be tapped into the walls to hang pretty picture's on! Personally, i couldn't figure out any other way of adding a splash of colour to my pasty white wall without using tac! 

As you may of read in my last post I am obsessed with Liberty's! I stumbled across these three gorgeous patterned sheets of wrapping paper whilst in the store a few months back. Being my determined self I brought them, with the thought that i would stick them up on my walls rather than wrapping presents with them!

I absolutely adore them and who would know they are meant to be wrapping paper! I love the look of them, they instantly made such a difference and added character to my London Pad! 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Organisation melt down

Is there such a thing as being too organised? 

I can Confidently answer with "yes!"

I have always been a stupidly organised person, by this I mean planning every day and weekend months in advance! Crazy I hear you say? 
Within the Event industry being organised is super key skill to have, maybe that's why I am good at my job? (Very modest of me) 

Since moving away it was impossible for me not to stress over unknown plans. Typically as an event manager I wanted to know dates, times and activity plans sooner than it was possible! 

This all lead to me having a huge melt down and struggling to realise why I was in such an invisible dark place.

 I can definitely say that I have now seen the good out of being in a negative confused state of mind, otherwise I wouldn't be sat here writing this post in the first place! 

I am now a new women, a new Hope! 

Plans? What plans I ask myself?! I do my flat chores when I want to do them and always look forward to the unknown day tomorrow! 

The amount of stress I experienced of trying to be this superwoman of organisation certainly was not worth making my self so poorly!!  Organisation is important but I can't tell you how much being over organised ruined my outlook on life! 

Happy Wednesday!

 Remember if you have no plans for next week it's fine?
 No plans for this afternoon... Well make some or don't! It's fine to go with the flow...! She does what she wants.....

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Manuka Dr, ApiClear Blemish Cream - aka a Miracle

Having the most sensitive skin the world  has lead to more skin irritation than you can believe. I have recently lost trust in believing some sensitive skin care labels however, the Manuka Dr range has saved me this winter.

I discovered the second love of my life whilst searching for a moisturiser that wouldn't harm but would hydrate my skin. Due to past experiences I decided to go down the natural herbal route to reduce the risk of skin irritation and pore spots. 

At an affordable £5.99 I happily purchased the Manuka Dr Api Clear Blemish Cream from Holland and Barrett. Manuka Dr is a huge range with specific product collections suited to all different skin types. This product is under the Api Clear range which is more suited to blemish and troubled prone skin. 

The Api Clear Blemish Cream is also designed to fight Acne but even though I can gladly say I don't suffer wit Acne it sure does the trick to keeping my skin fresh and spot free!

The cream does a number of things including reducing redness, moisturising, reducing pore size and decreasing skin shine. Due to it being suitable for acne troubled skin it also means it has antibacterial properties.

The box states to apply it three times a day, even on top of make up. However I never seem to find the time to do this so I only apply the cream morning and night and ocassionly in the afternoon, if I am home. When applying it in the morning it acts as a great base for my make up as it doesn't leave any greasy residue on the skin as well as leaving it sooo smooth and hydrated. When I have applied it on top of my make up you wouldn't know at all, My pores seem to soak it in and my make up still stays perfect!

Maunka Honey is also a active ingredient that I feel plays a huge part in such a successful cream, it is renowned for hydrating and maintaining a healthy glow.

Due to the success of having amazing skin after using this product for just a few days I have now stocked up and also invested in the Apiclear Serum and Facial Oil, from Superdrug, in the sales. 

Have you used any of the Manuka Doctor range of skin care? If you have any other recommendations please let me know! 

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