Saturday, 3 January 2015

Manuka Dr, ApiClear Blemish Cream - aka a Miracle

Having the most sensitive skin the world  has lead to more skin irritation than you can believe. I have recently lost trust in believing some sensitive skin care labels however, the Manuka Dr range has saved me this winter.

I discovered the second love of my life whilst searching for a moisturiser that wouldn't harm but would hydrate my skin. Due to past experiences I decided to go down the natural herbal route to reduce the risk of skin irritation and pore spots. 

At an affordable £5.99 I happily purchased the Manuka Dr Api Clear Blemish Cream from Holland and Barrett. Manuka Dr is a huge range with specific product collections suited to all different skin types. This product is under the Api Clear range which is more suited to blemish and troubled prone skin. 

The Api Clear Blemish Cream is also designed to fight Acne but even though I can gladly say I don't suffer wit Acne it sure does the trick to keeping my skin fresh and spot free!

The cream does a number of things including reducing redness, moisturising, reducing pore size and decreasing skin shine. Due to it being suitable for acne troubled skin it also means it has antibacterial properties.

The box states to apply it three times a day, even on top of make up. However I never seem to find the time to do this so I only apply the cream morning and night and ocassionly in the afternoon, if I am home. When applying it in the morning it acts as a great base for my make up as it doesn't leave any greasy residue on the skin as well as leaving it sooo smooth and hydrated. When I have applied it on top of my make up you wouldn't know at all, My pores seem to soak it in and my make up still stays perfect!

Maunka Honey is also a active ingredient that I feel plays a huge part in such a successful cream, it is renowned for hydrating and maintaining a healthy glow.

Due to the success of having amazing skin after using this product for just a few days I have now stocked up and also invested in the Apiclear Serum and Facial Oil, from Superdrug, in the sales. 

Have you used any of the Manuka Doctor range of skin care? If you have any other recommendations please let me know! 

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