Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Organisation melt down

Is there such a thing as being too organised? 

I can Confidently answer with "yes!"

I have always been a stupidly organised person, by this I mean planning every day and weekend months in advance! Crazy I hear you say? 
Within the Event industry being organised is super key skill to have, maybe that's why I am good at my job? (Very modest of me) 

Since moving away it was impossible for me not to stress over unknown plans. Typically as an event manager I wanted to know dates, times and activity plans sooner than it was possible! 

This all lead to me having a huge melt down and struggling to realise why I was in such an invisible dark place.

 I can definitely say that I have now seen the good out of being in a negative confused state of mind, otherwise I wouldn't be sat here writing this post in the first place! 

I am now a new women, a new Hope! 

Plans? What plans I ask myself?! I do my flat chores when I want to do them and always look forward to the unknown day tomorrow! 

The amount of stress I experienced of trying to be this superwoman of organisation certainly was not worth making my self so poorly!!  Organisation is important but I can't tell you how much being over organised ruined my outlook on life! 

Happy Wednesday!

 Remember if you have no plans for next week it's fine?
 No plans for this afternoon... Well make some or don't! It's fine to go with the flow...! She does what she wants.....

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