Thursday, 15 January 2015

Say No to Knots

I have always experienced uber knotty hair, especially after a shower ( as you can see in the pictures below). For several years i have been having my hair highlighted and all the knottiness, after getting my hair wet, made me wonder if i should stop the highlighting, however now i don't need to worry!

I religiously use Aussie Miracle Recharge,  a lightweight conditioning spray, after every hair wash. I tend to use about 5-7 sprays which may seem quite a lot but it sure does the trick! It instantly allows my hair brush to pull through my hair so softly. It also acts as a great heat protecting, lightweight product and doesn't make my hair greasy, hence why I am not shy to use a lot at once!

My second product I use two- three times a week is my Organic Argan Oil from the Argania Spinosa range. It is one of those products I picked up from TK Max over a year ago and I am constantly trying to find it again. It's brilliant, I tend to run it through the ends of my hair and occasionally my roots. it leaves a light silky feeling and always makes my hair so much more manageable on those rushed Monday mornings!

I have been using my Tangle Teaser for over a year now and i will never return back to a normal hair brush. It simply does what it says in the name, teasing the tangles out in one stroke without ripping through the hair! It is so lovely to hold and allows you to apply pressure to get through the knots!

After using these two products along with my Tangle Teaser i am left with the softest knot free hair ever! :)

I will definitely be sticking with this hair routine every day to keep my blonde locks conditioned and knot free!

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