Thursday, 8 January 2015

Splash of Colour

As some of you may know living in student accommodation can sometimes be quite bare and cold! Of course, those boring rules apply, no blue tac is allowed and no nails are to be tapped into the walls to hang pretty picture's on! Personally, i couldn't figure out any other way of adding a splash of colour to my pasty white wall without using tac! 

As you may of read in my last post I am obsessed with Liberty's! I stumbled across these three gorgeous patterned sheets of wrapping paper whilst in the store a few months back. Being my determined self I brought them, with the thought that i would stick them up on my walls rather than wrapping presents with them!

I absolutely adore them and who would know they are meant to be wrapping paper! I love the look of them, they instantly made such a difference and added character to my London Pad! 

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