Monday, 23 February 2015

NYC ( Warning: Photo Heavy!)

I have always wanted to visit New York, and my dream came true last week! I spent 5 days in New York with my family. We had a blast. It was the coldest weather i have ever experienced and i can't believe we did so much in such freezing temperatures! When i say freezing i mean -20 wind chill....

Many imagine New York to be a huge city however once i got to grips with finding my way around, with my touristic map, i realised how small the city actually is! On our second day we managed to walk from Battery Park all the way back to our Hotel at the bottom of Central Park.

Our hotel was in a excellent location and i think this made such a huge difference! Anyway luckily we were able to visit and see the following places and sites, (all of which i totally recommend):

+ Top of the Rock
+Rockefeller Center
+ Radio City Hall
+Empire State Building
+ Chrysler Building
+Trump Building
+Grand Central
+ Macys
+9/11 Memorial 
+Chelsea Market
+Helicopter ride- NewYork Skyline

I strongly believe that the Empire State Building was brilliant however i preferred Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center. There where no queues, and the views were spectacular and it wasn't over crowded like the Empire State.

Macy's was located literally over the road from our hotel. It was so exciting but once i entered i couldn't believe my eyes. A shop that takes up a whole block, with 11 floors, i was gob smacked! It was amazing however you needed days if you are going to do any shopping in there! For me there was way too much choice and i always want to make sure that what i am buying is exactly what i have in mind and at the best price. However this is impossible in Macys. There was no way i could compare all brands before purchasing, i really didn't have enough time! If you have a few days, your money is endless and/or you have a specific purchase in mind then it is the ideal place to shop, otherwise i wish you luck!!

My highlight of my trip has to be the helicopter ride that we took from Battery Park. We were only in the air for 13 minutes, however it was totally worth it! The views where spectacular and i couldn't believe my eyes of the size of the buildings, eventually everything blended together and looked like lego!

I can definitely recommend seeing the less livelier and orginal parts of New York such as Chelsea and Greenwich. This is proper New York with the fire escapes on all buildings with more gentle and luxury vibe. Many celebs live or have holiday apartments in these areas which is always exciting!

I went a tad snap happy with taking over 1000 pictures so i have tried my every hardest to keep pictures to a minimum! Enjoy!

View from Top of The Rock- incredible

Hot Cider at the Boat House in Central Park

Central Park in the Snow

Chelsea Market
Chelsea Market- the King of all Foods!!
Chelsea Market has the best selection of jewellery and Vintage Clothes!

A Film Crew filming in a random St in Chelsea

My favourite St, Chelsea

Washington Park- Chelsea

Grand Central 


Rockefeller 2

Views from Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock

Views from Empire State 

The famous Two Wall Street

Times Square

Chrysler Building


Macys 2

Helicopter Ride- NYC Skyline - Highlight of my trip!

Statue of Liberty from Above

View from above
Views from above

I hope you enjoyed my post, if you have also travelled to New York i would love to hear what your highlights of your trip where!

Love Hope

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