Sunday, 22 February 2015


Ok, so the life of being an 'intern' has really developed a lot since I first started in September. The tempo at work has rapidly picked up, along with the responsibility!

I have now officially organised 4 events, unassisted, from start to finish! - For all of you EMs' (Event Managers) I'm sure you can remember how exciting but exhausting your first events were! I have also assisted at another 11 events since my last post- that's a lot of late nights and early mornings!

Unfortunately student life and education was called on Monday 9 Feb, just bad luck that it was the day of my first dinner event! Anyway, I travelled back to the seaside town of Poole and attended what was a very scary and exhilarating day of lectures and work shops!

I left university in total panic with a number of worries on my mind:

1) A deadline of August 31st to complete dissertation proposal ! - what dissertation I hear myself ask!

2) Of 10,000 words- "crap, I thought it was 5,000, that was a scary thought as it was!"

3) I have one month to choose my final units- 1 of these wasn't rocket science, Fashion Marketing has my heart!

4) I left with a final thought roaming around in my head, " I have 4 months left of my amazing life changing time living away in London, now make the most out of it!!!"

On that note I'm really looking forward to my last few months living away in London! I know fourth year is going to be a huge shock to the system but im looking forward to another challenge! 

Heres to the next four months!

Love Hope xox

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