Monday, 30 March 2015

Action Packed Week

This week has been an action packed week.. From Rita Ora to incredible ballet dancing to an evening of non stop laughing with Michael McIntyre.

Where to start..

Let’s start from the beginning of the week. I arrived back in London on Monday morning after a short weekend spent at home by the seaside. It was brilliant, I visited my old workplace and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the beautiful views across Sandbanks Bay – I really did take it for granted. 

Anyway Monday passed quickly, work was busy. Wednesday I spent the evening at Sheppard’s Bush O2 with my flat mate watching Charlie XCX perform. To be honest I wasn’t that into Charlie XCX however at only £15 a ticket I thought it would be a fun evening out! Safe to say, I loved every minute of it, not only did Charlie rock it but Rita Ora also turned up and performed- Bonus!

The weekend soon came around quickly, which is always great news, 4 o’clock Friday finish and the weekend started. My boyfriend Matt came to visit on Friday, we all spent the evening chatting in the lounge followed by a few games. Luckily in the accommodation where I am living we have quite an awesome games and cinema room so we knocked about a few games of Pool finishing the evening in front of the tv chilling. Sunday was a beast of a day, it was brilliant. Lazy Sunday morning followed by a quick lunch and off to Covent Garden we went. We browsed a few of our favourite shops and found ourselves indulging in Costa with a beautiful Mocha and Ice Latte.

Two weekends ago I signed up to a website called Applause Store -A website that allows you to sign up to be in the audience of many brilliant television shows that are produced and played on our screens every day. 

Luckily I bagged tickets to be in the live audience of Michael McIntyre's Easters night at the Coliseum show. Yes- you guessed it, an evening at the Coliseum- For free i must add! They over subscribe tickets to ensure the audience is full therefore you have to arrive a few hours before the timing in order to get decent seats as it is first come first served. As we were already in the area we got there around 2pm and got given pretty sweet seats, the lady said ‘I’ve given you the best seats in the house’. I didn’t totally believe her but I knew that from the seat numbers we would be pretty near the front and in the stalls.... To be honest I was just happy I actually got a ticket!

Anyway after some tasty dinner we returned at the suggested show time of half 6, went to the bar had a drink and took to our seats. The view was brilliant, right smack bang in the middle, 5 rows from the front. Perfect. Due to the nature of the evening and the show actually being filmed live there where a few stopping and starting in between acts but this really didn’t bother me. If anything i found it quite comical seeing one of the best comedians muck up his lines!

I can highly recommend signing up to applausestore and to enter your details in the chance of trying to win some tickets! You can decide on what you want to put your name down for and they email you back within 4 days before the date of the filming.  It definitely has been a highlight of my time here in London and to top it off we got to see some excellent acts all for free!

I'd love to hear if you have also attend a live filming with applause store!

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