Monday, 27 April 2015

Reflecting, exciting times ahead!

So you may have noticed I haven’t posted for a good month, sorry guys. Actually, i’m not that sorry at all. 

Like always, life has been so busy,but in-between everything I managed to go on a cheeky holiday to Turkey for a week. Therefore I have been busy sunning myself for a week. Oh wait, let me stop there. 
That’s a white lie, unfortunately there wasn't much sun at all, although a week full of 30 degree sunshine was the picture I had in mind when I took off from the runway at Gatwick… The only heat I felt was on a daily basis when I basked in the Sauna every afternoon. On a positive note I had the most relaxed and food filled holiday I have ever had. It was lovely.

 With the weather not being the best I had time to reflect and oh what a reflection I realised after a week of mixed and muddled thoughts.

Before I tell you, let me outline my situation for you, you will soon realise why this realisation makes me so happy!

-I am 8 months into my placement year, with only 2 months left.
-The pressure and the need to know what I want to write my dissertation about is too much (I have a rough idea but I don’t know if I am sure)
-The scary thought of 'Do I want to stay in the Event Management industry?'
-What do I enjoy the most about my current job?

As you can imagine some of these thoughts lead to the next and the next and eventually I was able to work out what makes me most content and what I want to learn next in my career.

If you’re anything like me I am driven by my dreams. I always need something on the horizon to be excited about and this realisation is probably the biggest excitement in my career so far! My next dream is to work and experience more Marketing, and oh what a world it is!

It’s odd; I can’t believe it has taken me 3 years to work this out. My first words when accepting my place at Bournemouth University 3 years ago was, ‘my dissertation will be on Marketing or Branding, it’s so interesting!’ Now the time has actually arrived to be thinking about my dissertation and unbelievably, that sentence is still haunting me three years on. Anyway, as I always say, everything happens for a reason.

I can’t wait to learn more about the incredible, fast growing industry of Marketing when I start my 3 month summer Marketing internship! Hi ho, i Ho off back to the seaside I will go….

Now I have just 2 months to make the most out my time left in London before I move back to the seaside! Keep an eye out for many more posts on what I have stumbled across whilst out and about!

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