Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Against the Grain Discovery!

New Discovery: Against the Grain Biscuit and Cookie Range

Gluten Free- Dairy Free- Wheat Free

This delicious range of freefrom cookies/ biscuits are incredible. Against the Grain currently offer three different flavours of cookies;  Chocolate Chip and Orange, Chocolate Chip & Hazel Nut and Almond. They also offer two types of biscuits, Ginger Crunch and Berry Delicious.
 Unfortunately, I have only tried the cookie range, the reason being, i can never find dairy free cookies but biscuits are a bit easier to find. Although i am looking forward to trying out the biscuit range to see if they also as yummy!

Being able to eat cookies that actually have the same texture and most importantly, taste as good as normal cookies, is amazing. My gran routinely brings me a selection of these every time she visits.She finds them in a local garden center near her home, in Kent.  I have to say the chocolate and orange cookie, has to be my favourite, although the other flavours aren't far behind. I was a massive chocolate cookie lover before i became allergic to dairy, so being able to munch on these without a care in the world, with my coffee is lovely! 

I can't wait for my next batch to arrive in the post! Have you tried these? If so, where did you buy them? It would make my day if i was able to source them locally!

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