Monday, 25 May 2015

Lola's Cupcakes Review!

This weeks super find was beyond delicious! I have walked by Lola's Cupcakes in Covent Garden several times but i've never had time to stop and admire their cupcakes in the window!

 However this Saturday i had plenty of time and gave it a deep thought as to which flavour i should choose!!
They offer a small free from range including:  
Two vegan options; Coconut & Strawberry or Coconut & Passion Fruit ( aka amazing)
Two sugar free flavours: Raspberry and Chocolate
 Wheat Free and Vegan: Chocolate flavor
A Wheat free Red Velvet.

As you can imagine it was a super hard choice. Being dairy free meant i had the choice of 3 options; eventually i decided to go for Coconut and Passion Fruit.... Boy, did i make the right decision! It was incredible! 

Lets start with the packaging: 

As you can see it comes in its own individual box with a fold down lid. The bright turquoise is so pretty and the design is simple and sweet ( just like their cupcakes ;) ). I love the idea of being able to take your cupcake away and eat it later on, knowing its going to be protected and not get squashed or ruined. However for me this wasn't the case i couldn't wait and i dived straight in! (Although i did bring the box home, i couldn't bare to bin the happiness so soon!)

 I have tried quite a few cupcakes in my dairy free years but i was yet to try a Coconut and Passion Fruit one. Having the fresh Passion Fruit seeds and juice on the top worked incredibly well. The whipped topping was full of flavor with a strong taste of coconut, a suttle hint of passion fruit and sweet vanilla. Biting into fluffy icing with all 3 flavors combined was a dream.

The sponge was the only thing that didn't live up to my expectations. It was rubber like, it wasn't like normal cake sponge that breaks and crumbs easily. However as this was a Vegan cupcake, no eggs would of have been used therefore all things considered it was pretty incredible.

I will definitely visit Lola's Cupcakes again to try out the other two dairy free flavors; Coconut and Strawberry and Chocolate!

 Ps: Keep an eye out for this adorable fella decorated in Cath Kidston print, he's located just round the corner from Lola's!

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