Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sainsbury's Free from Chocolate Chip Cookies

These crunchy treats have been in my cookie jar for the past 4 days, sadly they didn't last any longer! I came across these free from gluten, wheat and milk, chocolate chip cookies whilst in Sainsbury's at the weekend.
Firstly, i was so happy to see they are priced at an affordable £1.35! With 10 cookies in the packet i think that is really good value for money.

Unfortunately, i haven't been able to find many dairy free cookies yet so i have really enjoyed munching on these as an evening snack.
As you can see they don't go light on the chocolate chips and the crunch is simply the best. Since living a dairy free diet, food textures is the one thing i really do miss. For some reason dairy free sweet snacks all tend to have the same soft texture. Baring this in mind these cookies jump up high to to my top 10 favourite dairy free treats.

The packaging is simple and fuss free, although the plastic is really thin and rips easily as you can see in my picture. Therefore a cookie jar might be a great idea to add to your kitchen shelf in order to store these heavenly cookies in.

What other cookies have you found?

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