Saturday, 9 May 2015

Treat Yourself with my Top 6 Dairy Free Chocolate Treats!

My top 6 Dairy Free, chocolate associated, treats that you can purchase on the go from most UK Super Markets and convenience stores.

Note: Please do check all food labels before eating to ensure they are dairy free and suitable for you.I personally take no responsibility.

1) Eat Natural Range- Fruit and nut bar, Dark Chocolate with Canberries and Macadamias or Darker Chocolate with Brazil nuts and Apricots 
Found in most corner shops, super markets and pharmacy stores

2) Asda Free From Choc Orange Buttons
These taste incredible, some of you will know that dairy free chocolate doesn't quite melt in your mouth like Galaxy does however these are a exception. They melt on your tongue and taste just like Terry's Chocolate Orange! They also do a Free From Chocolate Orange Bar which seems to last a little bit longer as its a bit bigger!

Find me in Asda's Free- From Section

3)  Tesco's Free From Double Chocolate Cake bars
These are great, each bar is individually wrapped and the taste is just as divine as normal brownie. However, one thing I did notice with this product is how easily they crumble, a plate is definitely needed for those who like to make a mess!

Find me in Tesco/ Asda/ Waitrose/ Morrisons Free Free Sections

4) Tesco Finest Plain Baking Chocolate
Who doesn't love a chunk of plain chocolate every now and again? This product is great extra when sipping on your morning coffee or when you simply need a chocolate top up! I find this a little bit darker than your normal Free From Chocolate bars but for some this is there favourite! 

This product will be find in the normal baking/ chocolate area in all super markets!

5)  Tesco Free From Chocolate Crisp Bar
I think this is one of my favourite chocolate bars, it has the same flavour as any milk chocolate and i think it tastes just like Dairy Milk Biscuit bar. It has the perfect crunch to it and so far is the only Free From chocolate bar I have come across with a crispy texture!

Find me in Tesco's Free From Section

I can't wait to continue sharing my exciting Dairy Free finds with you all ! 
Look out for my next post on my top 5 tips when shopping for dairy free products. I will also be sharing little secret that I promise will make ANY Dairy free newbies excited!

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