Friday, 22 May 2015

What's in my lunchbox today?

Its finally Friday, with such a busy and productive week i decided to treat myself to a shop brought lunch rather than my normal packed lunches from home! I wanted something that wouldn't be too expensive so I headed to Tesco on Villers St, London! 

I must admit there wasn't much choice but of course I choose one of my favourite wraps, Cajun Chicken with lettuce and red peppers! The one thing i hate about Tesco wraps is how sauce heavy they are, the sauce always sinks to the bottom, so once you reach the end of the wrap i'm normally covered in sauce! :(

 I couldn't decide on what snack to get, it was a tough choice but in the I went for something I haven't tried before but was confident it would taste very yummy!  A nakd bar, Apple Crunch flavour! All nakd bars are gluten, wheat and dairy free! They taste divine and are a perfect summer snack... Although I'm Not sure where the sunshine is today? The Apple chunks in this bar really make it and also make it a bit healthier than say that Coco flavour one! 

Instead of choosing my usual crisps, I went for popcorn by Peppercorn, Sweet and Salty! This is one of my favourite dairy free snacks that just keeps me wanting packet after packet! It's so moorich and tasty, although it does makes me so thirsty!  

Finding dairy free snacks on the go can always be a pain, even more so when your trying to find sandwiches or wraps! 
I'd love to hear where your favourite convenient store is to pick up your lunches on the go?!

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