Sunday, 14 June 2015

Milk Alternatives!

Lets talk all things 'milky'. 
After living on Lactofree milk for the past few years, i finally decided to try a few alternatives such as the Aplro range.
 Although i am only lactose intolerant i have recently realised that in the mornings my body also dislikes lactofree milk. Therefore it was the right time to find a total dairy free alternative.

 We are so lucky that we have such a range to choose from in the supermarkets, enabling those who are allergic to milk or lactose free to rekindle their love for breakfast cereal, a cappuccino on a Sunday morning and ending the day with a cold banana milkshake. 

After using Unsweetend Almond Alpro, Lactofree Semi Skimmed and Alpro Coconut Original in my meals and milkshakes this week, i can confidently say i prefer the Alpro range over the Lactofree milk.

Anyway, lets start with my least favorite of the 3 - Lactofree. This milk is only safe for those who are Lactose Intolerant. This drink is made from cows' milk which is then filtered to remove half the lactose, the sugars that are naturally found in milk. An enzyme is then added to the filtered milk to break down any remaining milk sugars, so that your body can easily absorb them. With nothing else added, this drink tastes exactly the same normal cows' milk and it still has the nutritional benefits that cows' milk has. Out of the three it has the least amount of calories at 12.7 and they offer it in semi-skimmed or whole.

Aplro Almond Unsweetened, is made up of lighted roasted Mediterranean almonds and water, with no added sugars or sweeteners, just pure damn nutty goodness. 
 It contains a natural source of vitamin E which is an antioxidant contributing to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. With only 13 kcals per 100ml its a great healthy alternative.

The Alpro Coconut Original is a delicious blend of Coconut milk and water, with a light taste of rice. It has a few more calories than the Unsweeted Almond milk at 20 calories per 100ml. With no added sugars it certainly livens up any recipe and is perfect for those summer smoothies! It also contains a natural source of B12 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. 

Although coconut and almond milk doesn't come from a cow it still naturally contains Calcium. If you are not eating dairy products it is important that you still have enough Calcium in your diet, making the alpro range even more appealing.

When comparing I instantly noticed the colour difference between all 3. It was kind of expected that the colours would vary due to the natural ingredients used, however i didn't think the coconut would be as pure and crisp white as it was. 

I  wasn't expecting a huge variation in the flavour however i was totally wrong. The Alpro Almond was certainly the most earthly in colour and taste and the Alrpo Coconut was a lot sweeter and i could definitely taste a hint of coconut. When tasting both Aplro choices there was certainly a nutty taste to both of them but as you can imagine the Almond Unsweetened was the nuttiest.

 Personally, with a hate for normal milk and a body that also rejects Lactose, found in cows milk, and sweet tooth, the Alpro Coconut alternative is by far my favorite

I'd love to hear peoples thoughts on their milk alternatives, any recommendations are welcome :)

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mentally tackling your allergy

Having a food allergy changes your life in more ways than you would think and also the lives of those around you. For some it is as simple as one tiny bite to eat that could ruin their week or even end their life. The point being; People with allergies can’t just eat what they want. Trust is a huge part of anyone’s life but even more so for someone with a food allergy. Anyone with a severe allergy is putting their life on the line when eating any food products.

Five years on I am still trying to get used to this whole new ‘free from’ lifestyle. Having a social life when you have an allergy isn’t as dandy as you might think. I have been struggling mentally to learn and understand my feelings when in certain situations. For example: Its times like when you are hanging out with your friends and ,of course, more often or not, food is included! These situations often bring up those awkward questions along the line of… Would you like some? Take one, pass it on? When someone notices that I always pass on the food and don’t take any, they always question why and when respond with the excuse " im allergic to them", that is when the comments come flooding in. (When I say comments I don’t necessarily mean horrible comments.) 

I’m normally quite confident in explaining and telling my story, whilst ignoring comments, such as ‘ so that means you can’t have Galaxy bars, ice cream or even whipped cream, that’s crazy!’ 
Sometimes i wonder, do some people realise what they are saying? I honestly don’t think enough people take a second to think before they speak. It’s the most horrible thing hearing someone get so excited and hung up on what I can’t eat but they can. Not enough of today’s society realise that an allergy can affect your life in so many other ways other than what you can or can’t eat. It’s mentally exhausting and sometimes depressing.

 However my biggest mental problem arises when I am socially sat with friends whilst they are tucking into the most amazing Pizza from Pizza Hut or Cheese burger. We are human, we all enjoy our food, some more than others, but this results in us talking and discussing how great or not so great our food is. This is what I mentally find so hard to block out, listening to my friends state how delicious, juicy and cheesy there Pizza is.  

How does one sit there and listen to how great someone’s food is when they aren’t even allowed to try it themselves? How does one say ‘No thanks’ to a food they really wish they could eat? How does one join in on the conservation when they are down in the dumps and wishing they could eat the same food as their friends? I’m definitely not saying that people shouldn’t be able to discuss their dinner or food, its human nature to do so, but at the same time I would love to feel connected with what they are talking about and having an allergy sometimes discourages me to do so. 

At the end of the day it’s not my choice it’s my way of life and I know there are thousands of others out there who feel the same. I don’t want others to continue remembering people by what they can’t eat.

If you have an allergy or maybe you restrict yourself with what you eat, it would be so comforting to hear from you so I know I’m definitely not alone, drop me a comment below! 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

A few of my favourite places and things to do in London

So my time in London is quickly coming to an end. I can't believe i have completed my placement year already, actually now i think about it, it hasn't gone  as quick as i thought it would. However I have learnt an awful lot along the way.

 In my short time of living in London, i have been to some pretty awesome places and made some life long friends from all over the world.  I'm so thankful that i have been given this opportunity and i have so many great memories to take away from this past year that will last a life time. In between having fun and working i thought i would share with you just a few of my favourite places in London that i have recently visited.

 First, i will start with Portobello Road Market at Notting Hill.
 If you haven’t been, you must and if you have been already I give you permission to go again! 
I love everything about it down to the quirky odd things the market sellers sell to the beautiful multi-million pound houses that line the curvy streets. Each and every one reflects every inkling of sunshine off their glossy painted walls. You can find antiques, street food, vintage clothes, London tack (souvenirs) and much more. I still can't get over how long Portobello road actually is, so if your in it for the good make sure you've got your comfy shoes on!


The best thing about Portobello Road Market is the variety of tasty street food offered. As you can see i decided to choose the Paella for my lunch, it was great, it was full of seafood such as Squid, Mussels and giant Prawns. I definitely got my moneys worth at a affordable £6.

Speaking of markets, I have also visited Old Spitalfield Market, a stone throw from Liverpool St, which involved slightly less walking than Portobello Road. Although I have only been here once, it definitely lived up to my expectations. It’s not quite centered in the streets of Notting Hill however it is undercover which makes it a perfect day out rain or shine! There must be nearly 500 sellers, the majority are selling clothes and leather handbags. The odd craft stall was scattered among the food stalls which are located along the side of the main market. I must say I did pick up a gorgeous little Vintage print dress which will be perfect for those sunny afternoons in the garden back home.

Living in Finsbury Park isn’t the most glamorous place to live however it does mean that I’m only one tube stop away from the beautiful town of Highbury & Islington. If you are ever hunting for a cafĂ© to get a coffee and maybe some lunch that is reasonably priced, Upper St in Highbury is the place to go. The high street is lined with funky coffee shops and restaurants offering the most yummiest food with the most beautiful little side gardens down the side streets.

To say I am a huge fan of the theatre is an understatement. I love it,anything with a good sing along I am there. I am so happy to say that i finally got the chance to watch Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre. It was actually amazing and in my opinion better than Wicked. Matilda is a childhood favorite of mine and I actually know every word. It was staged so well, along with heaps of adult humor making it suitable for all the family. The songs were different to the ones in the film however they were amazing and so catchy, I’m sure I will be singing them for weeks to come! I recommend it to anyone who fancy’s a night at the theatre.

These are just a few of my favourite places that i have visited in the last month! Where are your favorite places in London to Visit? If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!

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